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Commission Purchases & Sales of Antiques

Antiques are the historical and cultural heritage of each nation and therefore let´s not treat these artifacts as a Barbarian, but let´s try to preserve them for future generations.
We recides in the Village of Nedozery-Brezany, which is located near the district town of Prievidza. Our business has a long tradition, we officialy started in 1992 and through the years and experience, we feel commited and appreciate the trust of our local and foreign customers, who keeping coming back. We have been trying to expand the assortments of products and deepen our knowledge so we can provide information on antiques sold in our store. We guarantee their originality. We have connections with prestigious institutions, museums and diverse personalities from the areas of culture, politics and business. We are enrolled in the Commercial Register and we are certified to purchase and sell antiques. We also cooperate with scholars of fine art. Upon request we provide advice to clients, brokering the sale or purchase of antiques, advertising and in some cases expert opinion. Our antiques are not sold on the internet, the purpose of this website is to showcase our products only. Please come and visit store! If you have any questions or you need any information we will happy to answer them. You will find our contact information, address, phone number and email address under "CONTACT". Thank you for stopping by, we look forward to your visit. Lydia Hudec, the administrator of this website.
Vojtech & Lydia Hudec, ANTIQUE.