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  The history of the village Nedozery-Brezany.

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The origin of this medieval village is assummed to be in the 13 th century, despite the fact the first writen record didn´t appear until 1429. The village belonged to various aristocratic families, in the beginning of the 14 th century to Mathew Cak Trenciansky, then to the Crown, from 1528 to the Thurzo Family and from 1637 to the Palffy Family. During the Hussite Wars the village burned down. Inhabitants of the village were engaged in smithery, wheelwrighting, pottery, agriculture, production of drapery, oil esences and gingerbread. In the 16 th century there was a ceramic craft and in the 18 th century the market was dominated by the production of looms and spining wheels. The Gothic Roman Catholic Church of Saint Helena, built in 1409 and the Classical Chapel of Virgin Mary, built in 1846 are still well preserved and are part of the historical heritage of the village. The village was founded on March 13 th in 1964 as a merger of two separate villages called Nedozery and Brezany. In 1555 a significant philologist and mathematician Vavrinec Benedikt Nedozersky, was born here, and here until his death in 1615. He taught philosophy at the Charles University in Prague. He belonged to the eminent personalities of humanion period in the 16 th century.